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Draft Craft BeersStyleABVGrowlerPintHalfThird
Cloudwater - Pale - A beer for everyday moments, conversation with friends, or quiet relaxation after work, providing a balance between new wave hops, yeast esters, and easy drinkability. Its full of ripe tropical fruit flavours.Pale Ale4.0%£24.20£6.50£3.50£2.60
Vibrant Forest - Mantra - Mantra is super easy going and very refreshing with a hefty flavoursome punch. Simcoe and Mosaic join together with Summit to give signature waves of mandarin juice and resinous orange, all leadin to a joyous bitter finish.Pale Ale4.0%£22.80£6.20£3.40£2.50
Mad Squirrel - Native Helles - German brewers have taken inspiration from their homeland to produce this true to style Helles; golden, full bodied and malty with a delicate hop bite. Germany has a rich brewing heritage and this is the Mad Squirrel take on a Native Taste.Helles4.8%£17.90£4.80£2.70£1.90
Fishers - Smoked Porter - Rich. Sweet and pitch black with a deep and lush burnt chocolae edge. Just delish!!Porter4.4%£19.90£5.40£2.90£2.20
Left Handed Giant - Vivid Dreaming - Pale Ale with Citra, Sabro & Voss Kveik. Brewed at Vibrant Forests Brewpub in Bristol's City Centre.Pale3.9%£24.80£6.70£3.60£2.60
Mad Squirrel - $umo - Heavyweight hops named & doing battle (Summi/Mosaic). Tropical fruit, dank herbs & weighty bitterness. $umo, always last beer standing!American Pale4.8%£17.90£4.80£2.70£1.90
Draft AlesStyleABVGrowlerPintHalf
Oakham - Citra - Single-hopped session ale. Extra pale, straw-gold with aromas of citrus fruits, grapefruit and lychee. Session strength with a refreshing palate and crisp, fruity finish.Session IPA4.2%£13.40£3.70£2.10
Paradigm - Black Friday - Strong dark mild. Very dark. Smooth, sweet and smoky. Contains five dark malts to give depth. Very drinkable & little dangerous!Dark Ale6.0%£17.10£4.70£2.60
Draft CidersStyleABVGrowlerPintHalf
Cornwall Cider Co - Rhubarb and Custard - Modern twist on a classic, oozes flavours & aromas, makes it easy to forget apple is the main ingredient. Sweet4.0%£18.10£5.10£2.90
GWYNT of Wales - Happy Daze - This cider has a fruity apple aroma & well balanced finish. Light and very easy to drink.Medium4.5%£14.50£4.10£2.40
Millwards - Rum Cask - Modern twist on a classic. Oozes flavours & aromas, makes it easy to forget apple is the main ingredient. Medium7.5%£18.10£4.70£2.60
Thistly Cross Of Scotland - Whisky Cask - A gentle whisky flavour initially intermingles with subtle, medium dry cider, giving way to a distinctive full bodied flavour.Medium Dry6.9%£17.20£4.70£2.60
Lilleys of Somerset - Tropical - Pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango & lime all combine to make this a succulent thirst quencher.Sweet4.0%£17.40£4.70£2.60
Millwhites - Scrumpy - A traditional golden cider with an exceptional taste that is packed with flavour.Medium6.5%£16.30£4.40£2.40


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