365 Beers, One for Every Day of the Year

365 Beers, One for Every Day of the Year

by | May 6, 2021

365 Beers, One for Every Day of the Year

It has taken a while to get to this point, but the other day we at Wishful have surpassed a goal we didn’t even know we had… We now have over 365 different beers in stock, all spread across our shelves. This means you can have a different beer for every day of the year.


But what beers would you want across these 365 days? In case like us, you are debating bulk buying of your year’s worth of beers, to make the most of our buy 6 get one free offer, here’s what we recommend…


Spring beers:


The dark winter lockdown has ended! And even though much of the springtime has been chilly, most spring beer drinkers are eager to start thinking about sunshine and the outdoors – I know I am one of them!!

  • Fresh Hops: Spring is the start of the new hop season. As such, many breweries use this as an opportunity to start throwing some fresh hops in their brews. Usually much lighter than the resiny hops used in the autumn and winter, they make for a crisp and delightfully bitter beer. 
  • Saisons: Saisons are a Belgian style of beer fermented with wild yeast. They are often referred to as “funky” because of the complex flavour of the yeasts involved. Full of sour notes and typically lower in alcohol, they are a great way to celebrate emerging from lockdown and starting to meet friends and family again.
  • Common: Don’t be confused. “Common” refers to a style of beer, not its interest level. This distinctly American style is made using lager yeast, which typically ferments at colder temperatures. However, unlike most lagers, common beers are fermented at the typical warmer ale temperature. The result is a wonderful hybrid of both styles. Known to be eminently drinkable, these are great beers for your first few weekends spent outside.


Summer beers:


Obviously, summer conjures up images of beaches, warm weather, and long days. The preferred beers of summer reflect this. They are light and drinkable, perfect for BBQs, or cooling off after a hard days work in the office or at home!

  • Classic Pilsner: In many ways, the classic pilsner beers your grandfather loves are great in the summer!! They’re light, not overly hoppy, and very refreshing. If you’re an adventurous beer drinker, don’t let the term “pilsner” turn you off. There is a wide variety of fun pilsners out there that experiment with the classic flavour profile of this Czech style. So don’t be afraid to go with an old standby every once in a while, especially if you’re having a lot of friends over while you fire up the grill.
  • Pale and Hoppy — Although if you’re a hop head, you’ll want to make sure you choose a hoppy beer that is also pale with a light malt body. Pale ales and their hoppier cousins, India Pale Ales (IPAs), come in several varieties and some of them are the perfect pairing for summer. Luckily, as more breweries are trying to cater their special releases to specific seasons, they are making sure to include summer pale ales when the warmer months roll around.
  • Hazy IPA:  If you’re a beer lover, by now you have surely heard and also tasted a delicious Hazy IPA. If not, they’re also known as New England Style Indian Pale Ales or juicy IPAs. Hazy IPAs are the perfect beverage to sip on while in the sun because they are packed with fruit and citrus flavours. The beer appears to be hazy because it is made with wheat or oats. No bitterness with these refreshing IPA’s, just a sweet treat that will not be difficult to get down!!
  • Sour: The best way to describe a sour… refreshing! Sour beer has a puckery, acidic, and tart taste with a champagne-like fizz. This style is found in several different beer categories like Berliner Weisse and Flanders Red Ales. Just because they hold the name sour does not mean that some aren’t fruity and light to the taste.


Autumn beers:


Things start to cool down come autumn. Fittingly, the beers of the season are less concerned with being refreshing — many will start to play with a heavier body and more autumnal spiciness.

  • Amber — Amber beers, whether ales or lagers are slightly darker than pale beers. This slightly heavier maltiness is perfect for the autumn, especially if you’re spending the day watching football or the leaves fall. Supremely drinkable, amber beer comes in a lot of different varieties, making it easier to cater to your palate.
  • Belgian — Belgium is famed for its Trappist beers, which can only be legally made by Trappist monks. These beers have long been hailed as the best in the world. They tend to be spicy and boozy. If you want to spend some time sipping on one beer and really explore its flavour profile, Trappist ales are perfect come autumn.
  • Oktoberfest — Autumn is also the time when Germany’s famed Oktoberfest, probably the greatest holiday dedicated to beer in the world!! So it only makes sense that many breweries offer their own Oktoberfest beer. Oktoberfest beers are typically heavier brews that are well-aged with a deep amber colour. If you want to celebrate like a true Bavarian, find one of these beers and raise your stein.


Winter beers:


Winter is cold, and understandably, a time to head inside. Mirroring the extended nights of winter, these beers tend to be heavy and dark. Plus, many winter beers get into the holiday spirit, with flavours that pair well with winter feasting. Here are some of the flavours and styles to watch out for during the deep winter.

  • Stouts: With their dark, bitter, and roasted flavours, these beers will leave you with a warm fullness perfect for hibernation – with tastes like coffee, liquorice, and chocolate. A stout should be full and creamy to the taste, making it the perfect beer to sip on on a cold night.
  • Porters: A porter is a deep brown, reddish colour with a creamy head. It has a roasty chocolate flavour and is slightly bitter. As one of the heaviest beer styles, it is best to drink in the colder months when you need something to warm your insides. With so many different porter options, you will surely find one that satisfies your taste.
  • Imperial: Among brewers, imperial is short for extra boozy. Unsurprisingly, most people can’t have too many imperial beers in one night because they are usually not the best idea if you plan on starting to drink around noon. But in the winter, when there aren’t any cookouts or long vacation days to worry about, imperial beers become a lot more appealing. Plus, the extra alcohol content provides a pleasant warmth, which helps make the polar nights more bearable.


We hope this has given you an idea of what is best way to start and carry on your year of beer! For recommendations, or were to hire a van, please get in contact!!


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