All Hail to the Daily Ale!!

All Hail to the Daily Ale!!

by | Aug 3, 2022

Thursday is Ale Day – All hail to the Ale – and that will never change Wishfullers.


However, we live in thirsty times. And you keep greedily guzzling down our brewsome twosome cask ales that we put on every week. This means that WD can be aleless from Monday until 5 pm on Thursday resulting in a cask desert, an ale drought, parched palates and dehydrated mid-week gullets… but no more…

From this Thursday onwards it’s All Hail to the Daily Ale! Quite simply when the brewsome twosome run out we will tap another cask of the glorious golden stuff. Hey presto! All Hail to the Daily Ale – fresh and fragrant cask ale at WD 7 days a week!

To kick things off today we will be continuing out Loco for Local theme with our brewsone twosome from two our Hertfordshire’s finest brewers

  • Pope’s Yard – Sky Wave 4% Pale

  • Tring – Fanny Ebbs 3.9% Summer Ale

And then as these run out sitting in the cellar ready to be tapped, we have

  • Paradigm – Seven C’s 3.8% Session IPA

  • Tring – Wooden Wonder 4.1% Robust Malty Ale

  • Paradigm – Fake News 3.8% Pale

If you love ale and if you love local and if you want to get it seven days a week you know where to come!! Buy some, try some… it’s good stuff!


All Hail to the Daily Ale!

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