Beer Tasting is Back

Beer Tasting is Back

by | Aug 19, 2021

Wishful Drinking Beer Tasting is Back

Even though almost all Covid related restrictions have now been lifted we are taking a cautious approach when it comes to things like Tasting Evenings, Quizful Wishful and other events. So it’s great to be able to confirm that on Tuesday 7th September we shall, ever so slightly, be getting back in the swing of things with an informal Double IPA (DIPA) tasting.


Not for the faint hearted DIPAs are amongst the strongest brews we stock and are typically 8%+ ABV. Think everything about an IPA, but dialed up. A DIPA has double the amount of hops, and more malt for balance. Often, they take double the amount of time to brew as well and yes with all that they can be double the price too! Richer in texture and booze, DIPA’s are one of the great taste experiences for the craft beer lover.

The format for the evening will be very casual and is free to attend. Things will kick off at 7.30pm for a few “warmup” brews with an 8.00pm start to the tasting proper. We shall sample 8 DIPAs with everyone being asked to mark each brew “blind” – so without knowing which beer is which. We will then accumulate the scores and reveal the rankings – our favourites and those that we are not so keen on! All drinks (before, during and after the tasting) are added to one tab with everyone paying their corner i.e. we divide the bill by the number of people attending. We will have a few samples to try (i.e free DIPAs) and may be able to find a few DIPA  “bin ends” at a discount to keep costs down.

We find this format is a great way for Wishfullers to try a good number of beers before they buy and for us to get feedback on what brews/brewers our customers rate highly so we can buy accordingly… win win!!


If you are interested in coming on the 5th please email me at as places will be limited.

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