Breaking News – The Quiz Returns!!

Breaking News – The Quiz Returns!!

by | Nov 4, 2021

Breaking News - The Quiz Returns!!

And so it was on Monday 1st November that they started to gather at around 7pm…


So, what is this? Some extremely keen quizzers?? Well yes… First of all there was Keefe who had not adjusted his watch to GMT (honestly!). So not so much eager as confused!! Then Ryan, to be followed by Anne all claiming their seats and looking for first move advantage early doors. And then by 8pm all 6 teams were chomping at the bit as those immortal words rang out… “Let’s Quiz Wishfullers”!
Silence descended, the tension was palpable and now there was no turning back even if progress was hindered slightly by the inefficiencies of the Quizmaster failing to print and collate some of the quiz papers correctly – wasn’t there already enough pressure with the Anagrams Round??
And then after more than 2 hours of intellectual intensity it emerged that teams A404 and The ByskytBrainz could not be separated – yes it was 45 points all!! So the dreaded The Tie Break Question was invoked. And, with an answer borne out of many long hours of research sitting in the bar, the Brainz took the pot and the free drinks with their answer to the question ”What is the most ever charged for a pint in Wishful?” being just 10p away from nailing it.


Sadly, the Rollover question was not answered correctly which on the bright side does mean at the next quiz the Rollover prize increases by £5 to £25. And talking about the next quiz… well it will be on Monday 6th December and thereafter on the first Monday of every month. So please join us to test your Knowledge, have Fun and be a Winner!

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