Lockdown Lifting

Lockdown Lifting

by | May 20, 2021

Lockdown Lifting

We just love it when a plan comes together at Wishful. And now – as we enjoy the latest easing of lock down restrictions – our investment earlier in the year in creating THE WALL of BEER, moving the shelves to occupy just one side of the shop, moving up to four fridges and increasing our table capacity as a result (both inside and out) have all come together to transform the Wishful experience as we are allowed to serve “drink-in” beer once again.


We now have ten tables in total which allow us so much more flexibility to seat you in comfort. The rules of six still applies of course along with the two-household rule. And we are licensed for just three tables of four outside. BUT we are moving in the right direction as we continue to fight this hideous virus. 

We are buying extra kegs and will be moving up to 8 draft craft beers and ciders just as soon as we have the stock, and we can plumb in the new machine!! 

We have never had a formal booking system preferring to maintain maximum flexibility and avoiding deposit taking and time limits etc. We have had enough restrictions in the last year or so, right? And with our increased capacity we are getting back to the traditional “drop-in” nature of a British pub. But if anyone is anxious about guaranteeing their place, please feel free to message us and we will save you a seat. 

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