More Cans, More Bottles… More Fridges!!

More Cans, More Bottles… More Fridges!!

by | Jul 9, 2020

More Cans, More Bottles... More Fridges!!

Lock down – whilst extremely difficult for many many people – has had some benefits too. And we at Wishful are very aware how fortunate we have been as we have been able to stay open for take-away business right through this unprecedented time. 


With demand rising for carry out beers we upped our game adding loads more top notch Breweries and brews to the shelves resulting in the 170 or so we have now.  As a result we are now proud to be able to offer multiple brews from the likes of:

  • Deya
  • Verdant
  • Pollys Brew
  • Cloudwater
  • Neon Raptor
  • Pressure Drop
  • Arbor
  • Sussex Small Batch
  • Time and Tide
  • Vibrant Forest
  • Bone Machine
  • Black Iris
  • Red Willow
  • Full Circle
  • Overtone


As well as some brilliant local beers from:

  • Paradigm
  • 3 Brewers
  • Lock 81
  • Mad Squirrel
  • XT Animal


With a select range of International brewers too such as:

  • Andechs
  • Augustiner
  • Jever
  • Delirium
  • Einsiedler 
  • Timmermans


And we are not going to stop there. We are determined to increase our range to more than 200 beers in the coming weeks. And this means only one thing… and you guessed it… yes, another fridge!! And even as we stocked it up we are starting to think is it enough?  Well if it isn’t there will be another if needed!!


We are not quite sure if this is the biggest selection of craft bottles and cans in Hertfordshire but if it isn’t it may well be very soon!!

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