New Beer to Help Cool You

New Beer to Help Cool You

by | Jun 25, 2020

Verdant Falmouth

“We have had one hot month yes, but what about second hot month?”

Last month temperatures rose past 25 and now they are getting so hot mount doom sounds like a sauna in comparison, so we have stocked up with beers to help keep you cooler than Gimlie in the pass of Caradhras…


Here are the beers we know will help you survive the 30+ temperatures:

First up is Verdant with ‘Pavement Licker ‘, ‘Random Rules’ and ‘300 Laps of Your Garden’

Long time wishfulers know that we love Verdant, mentioning them many times before. But with this unruly heat, a stock increase was needed! (any excuse for verdant is a good excuse).

In 2014, Verdant started to make beers that we love, and nothing’s changed. It’s still all about taste, quality, and all ’round deliciousness. Think juicy, hoppy, unfiltered, hazy beers that would make a hobbits mouth water! Just like us they are independent, and always will be — continuing to push boundaries and make beer we love and hopefully you will love them too!

P.s We also have a few more listed at the bottom that are great to try…


Bristol Beer Factory, with ‘Hefe’ and ‘Fortitude’

Bristol Beer Factory started life in 2004 brewing just a few standard cask-conditioned ales in a vibrant part of south Bristol. Soon realising that there is so much more to brewing and many more styles of beer to try. Evolved their production over time to offer a range of different regular bottled ales, cask ales and a variety of interesting specials throughout the year.

Bristol Beer Factory (or BBF) is not afraid to try something new and the company has a firm belief that all the great ideas are already fermenting within the walls of the brewery – 2 of the great ideas that came out of the walls are listed above!


Harbour Brewing Co ‘Cornish Bitter Bottles’

It’s hot, so it’s harbour! Cornish sea air bottled alongside refreshing waves and brought up here to Rickmansworth.

In 2012, The Harbour Brewing Co. was just a fledgling idea: to brew proper beer reflecting the land (and shores) of where it came from. Taking the best raw ingredients – awesome hops, Cornish spring water tapped straight from the source – and bringing them to life through dedication to technique. IT WORKED! AND IT WORKED WELL!!!


However, everyone has there own beer style to help cool them down, so we have even more listed below:

Other Cans and Bottles:

  • Verdant – Unnecessary Sockets 
  • Verdant – People Money Space Time 
  • Deya – Steady Rolling Man
  • Fierce – Citrus Tart
  • Fierce – Fuego Sour
  • Fierce – Blackcurrant Tart
  • Fierce – Cafe Racer
  • Beatnikz Republic – Kentucky Riot Cans
  • Beatnikz Republic – Miami Amor Cans
  • Overtone – (Stout) HBC472 DH Cans
  • Fyne Ales – Highlander Bottles
  • Toast – Much Kneaded
  • Arbor – Citrus Maxima
  • Jever – Pils
  • Jever – Fun Alc Free
  • Augustiner – Helles


Take care, stay safe, please drink good beer at home or in your garden and nowhere else!

For more beers on the shelves and in our taps click here

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