New Beers, Perfect For Presents

New Beers, Perfect For Presents

by | Jun 18, 2020

Gift Wrapping

Birthdays & parents days, events and social gatherings, they are all great. But they can also be a pain, as with each event also comes the necessity for gift-giving, and if your anything like me that’s never an easy task. But fear not, we have come up with the perfect solution…. craft beer…

I know right, a craft beer shop suggesting craft beer, what a shocker! But hear us out. Gifts are a hard one because you don’t want to spend a fortune, but you also don’t want to look like a cheapskate while also trying to make it personal in some way. And more times than not you need it fast, as forgetting to buy a gift until last minute is all part of the ‘fun’.

Craft beer is perfect for all this as it can either £4 for one great bottle they will love or £20 for a selection of different ones, meaning you can tailer price to whoever you get it for and personalise it based on how well you know them. In addition to this Wishful Drinking and most other local craft breweries are open every day 12-9. Giving you plenty of opportunities to pick up a memorable last-minute present for anyone over the age of 18.

But what to get if you don’t know craft beer very well??

We have made a list of some of the new beers we have in that we highly recommend as presents. If you go into Wishful drinking we can also help you pick some out if you know about what brands, flavours or styles they like (ask for Steve or Adam as they have the best craft beer knowledge):


First up is Fierce Beer with ‘Very Berry’, ‘Peach Melba’ and ‘Maple Pancake’

This brewery has a brilliant style both within its brewing and design. Each one making it so memorable and enjoyable that even if you wanted to you couldn’t forget it! Making it perfect gift material.

Each beer from Fierce Brewery is handcrafted in Aberdeen, Scotland where they brew, keg and can everything on-site, using local produce where ever possible.

“We don’t make boring beer. Our beers are totally packed with flavour. We are passionate about provenance too, so we use local ingredients, services and equipment where possible.”   –   A quote from them on how they are diffrent, and it’s a quote that we wholeheartedly agree with.


Mad Squirrel, with ‘Hoodwink’ and ‘De la Nut’

If you live in or around Rickmansworth then I am sure you have heard of Mad Squirrel. Unhinged beer is what they say and unhinged beers is most difficulty what they do! This local brewery is one that has won countless awards, made countless beers and been given countless times as presents for every occasion. If your family, friends or secret Santa has a love of craft beer we recommend one of these as a must-have!


The Lock 81 core: ‘Double IPA’, ‘Oatmeal Stout’ and ‘Pale Ale’

The last main recommendation is as local as you could hope to get.

Do you know the lock gate towards Tescos in Rickmansworth? That’s Lock 81 and where this brewery began, a small but truly stunning local brewery that has caught our eye and have been watching from the start. A gift from this brewer is sure to be enjoyed as each sip is a sip of Rickmansworth and calm canals that go alongside it!


However, everyone has there own taste and if you know what else they like we also have a few other recommendations for you:

Other Cans and Bottles:

  • Deya – Tappy Pils
  • Arbor – My Little Sabrony
  • Arbor –Mosaic
  • Delirium – Tremens
  • Time & Tide – Wanderlust
  • Sussex Small Batch – Tiramisu
  • Sussex Small Batch – Zucotto
  • Sussex Small Batch – Reeces
  • Sussex Small Batch – Topical


If you are really stuck still though we also do gift tokens. Meaning all you need to do is let them choose, something that is actually really fun if you enjoy craft beer! To reserve one please get in contact:

7 + 1 =

Take care, stay safe, please drink good beer at home or in your garden and nowhere else!

For more beers on the shelves and in our taps click here

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