New Year, New Layout and a New Wall of Beer!

New Year, New Layout and a New Wall of Beer!

by | Jan 15, 2021

January is normally a slow, low energy, darkness-before-the-dawn time of year. Christmas jovialities have come and gone. It’s cold, damp and depressing. The days are short and the bank balance is not to be looked at. And this year – on top of all that – we have Lock Down.


We at Wishful, however, have started the New Year with a BANG not a whimper! It is out with the OLD and in with the NEW as our new and improved shop layout takes shape.

Gone are the shelves of beer on the right-hand side of the shop. Well, moved rather than gone if we are being absolutely accurate. Moved to the left-hand side of the shop where, along with the four overflowing fridges, we now have a “Wall of Beer” allowing us to stock more than 200 different bottles and cans that can be perused seamlessly, straight from door to till!

New layout

And as a consequence, we can also make much better use of the space that has been freed up for tables and chairs once Lock Down is behind us. We are also building a back-to-back bench seat that will straddle the steps and will add significantly to the ambience and amenity for the drink-in customer!! In the meantime, we are displaying cans and bottles on some of our Bar tables so we are not quite there yet with all of the improvements we want to make. But we are poised, ready, locked and loaded to transform ourselves completely just as soon as it is safe and it is legal to do so.


So, for now, Wishfullers please stay safe and as we always say please drink good beer whilst respecting all T5 social distancing guidelines.

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