No Tricks, Only New Treats!

No Tricks, Only New Treats!

by | Oct 30, 2020

No Tricks, Only New Treats!

Halloween approaches and as a kid it means so much, loads of sweets, dressing up and having fun. But why should that stop as an ‘adult’!


This week join us at Wishful for a treat like no other! New craft beer that’s better than any sweets, costume or tp’d house and will only provide you with one fear… will it run out before I get there?

But fear not, there’s an easy solution to that, join us as soon as you can for a day of great beer in keg, cask, bottle or Growler form, all ready for you to get stuck into either at our bar – enjoying table service – or as a takeaway ready for a weekend of relaxing and watching your choice of horror (A Nightmare Before Christmas will always be mine!) Let us know yours is in the comment.

But the big question, what treats have we got in store for you?


  • Faked Alaska
  • Motueka
  • New Zipper
  • The Devil Made Me Brew It

Full Circle

  • Hesson Vienna Lager


  • You Can’t See It


  • Northern Lights

Anspach & Hobday

  • The IPA


  • Sonic Reducer


  • Wild Heaven

Black Iris

  • Divine Elements


  • Citra Slam


Vibrant Forest

  • Castanea
  • Stone Sap
  • Kaleidoscope


  • Shonks

The Kernel

  • London Brick
  • Pale Centennial Enigma

New Bristol

  • Macho Mucho
  • Moments Not Things

Pressure Drop

  • Understanding Whole Systems

Lost & Grounded

  • Keller Pils

Bone Machine

  • Let Man Juice Loose


We think this is an absolutely stunning selection and hope you agree!! So pop in whenever you can, try something new or revisit an old friend… we would love to see you.


To see some more of the 200 beers on our shelves at the moment visit our ‘What’s On Tap’ page.

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