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Andechs Doppelbock

500ml bottle 7.1% ABV – Germany

This is it!  The powerful, full-bodied, strong beer which is Andechs’s trademark.  Brewed in the traditional Triple Mash procedure and available throughout the year, not just during the “Starkbierzeit”! When the evening passes into dusk and the day draws to a close, time goes a little slower.

Just the right time for a glass of Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel.

Andechs Weissbier Hell

500ml bottle 5.5% ABV – Germany

First, distinctive fruity aromas like banana and honeydew melon come to the fore, followed by fine cloves. Andechser Weissbier Hell is a very tangy, refreshing treat with the conviction of a full, soft body. It concludes on a finely balanced interplay of light sweet honey and a delicate acidity with undertones of bitter hoppiness that quickly subside into a harmonious aftertaste.

Hirter: Privat Pils

500ml bottle 5.2% ABV – Austria

Brewed according to ancient Bohemian recipes and left to mature with a prolonged aging process, the Hirter Privat Pils has a different taste than a typical North German pils. The soft mountain spring water used for brewing this GMO-free, non-pasteurized and purely natural specialty beer comes from the Hanslbauer spring underlining the beer’s pure, aromatic hop note and typical taste.

Stiegl: Columbus 1492 Pale Ale

500ml bottle 7.1% ABV – Germany

“The beer for discoverers.” A refreshing discovery for beer experts. This top-fermented specialty beer charms with its pale color and delicate cloudiness. The elegant body and fruity-hoppy flavor ensure you anticipate every subsequent sip. Stiegl-Columbus 1492 combines freshness and hoppy-fruity intensity.

Schremser: Keller Pils

330ml bottle 4.5% ABV – Austria

An unfiltered bier from Austria with a slightly hazy golden color and a white head. The aroma is lightly yeasty with sweetish grains and lightly metallic. Light to medium body with a light sweetness and a light bitterness. The flavor is again lightly yeasty (fermented apples and pears) along with some grainy malt.

Schneider: Aventinus

500ml bottle 8.2% ABV – Germany

Dark-ruby colored wheat doppelbock with a creamy fine head. Strong notes of ripe bananas, raisins and plums meet liquorice and roasty aromes. Full-bodied and warming, with a well-balanced and smooth finish. The ideal companion for hearty roast meat, venison and also fruity chocolate desserts, “Kaiserschmarrn” (pancakes), “Elisenlebkuchen” (christmas cookies) or blue cheese.

Augustiner: Helles

500ml bottle 5.2% ABV – Germany

‘Helles’ means ‘light-coloured’, and Augustiner Helles lives up to its name. Pale gold, bright and effervescent, it’s a fantastic example of a pale German lager. Breadiness and light malts are balanced by just a touch of hop bitterness, making this refreshing lager from Munich’s oldest independent brewery crisp, clean and eminently quaffable.

Stiegl: Radler (Grapefruit)

500ml CAN 2% ABV – Germany

Radler was invented by an Innkeeper who realised he did not have enough beer for a group of thirsty cyclists. He effectively invented ‘Shandy’ by using lemonade to make his beer go further. This lives on, however Grapefruit juice replaces the lemonade. A refreshing take on this style that is reminiscent of your favourite pineapple and grapefruit beverage, whilst coming in at a low 2% alcohol.

Flensburger Gold

330ml bottle 4.8% ABV – Germany

This style is known for its refreshing simplicity where the malts are prominent yet is still finishes very clean. Rich aromas of malts, barley, grain, and maybe even some cut grass are mirrored on the palate with perhaps a bit of biscuity notes. This lager has a medium-body that is deceptively richer than it looks whilst its moderate dryness gives the Flensburger Gold a crisp and refreshing finish.

Hofbrau Dunkel Lager

500ml bottle 5.5% ABV – Austria

Dark beer existed in Bavaria long before light beer. This was the first type of beer to be brewed at Hofbräuhaus. When beer-lovers all over the world talk about dark beer, they usually mean a Munich style beer. Hofbräu Dunkel – the archetypal Bavarian beer – is still as popular as ever. With its alcoholic content of around 5.5% volume and its spicy taste, it’s a refreshing beer that suits all kinds of occasion.

Dunkel Uerige Altbier Classic

500ml bottle 4.7% ABV – Austria

The German classic, Uerige Alt is a top-fermented specialty made with barley, caramel and roasted malts, umbel hops and Uerige’s own yeast strain. Full-bodied, aromatic and agreeable, the brewery’s trademark altbier regularly ranks amongst the top ten beers in Germany.

Jever Pilsner

500ml bottle 4.9% ABV – Germany

Unique in taste. The secret lies in the water, which is still taken from the same well used well over 100 years ago. The water from our well is unusually pure and soft. That allows us to add a touch more hops to create the Friesian-bitter taste that distinguishes Jever Pilsner from any other beer.


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