Revitalising Ricky – Pedestrianisation of the High Street

Revitalising Ricky – Pedestrianisation of the High Street

by | Aug 11, 2020

Ricky Highstreet

Even before the unprecedented times we now live in as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic many of us had very serious concerns about the future of Rickmansworth as a vibrant and inviting town centre. The mix of shops was changing, empty units were taking longer to let and the new parking charges and ticketing machines seemed to be discouraging people from visiting Ricky.


And then COVID!!

So what now for Rickmansworth as we adjust to the new normal?

Unfortunately we are already seeing more shops becoming vacant, a  trend that we are fearful will now increase. And in all likelihood finding new tenants – given that the economy has been ravaged by the virus – will prove extremely difficult. And once a decline like that sets in it often gathers momentum and drags all around it into a downward spiral…

Unprecedented times often require unprecedented, innovative, bold actions. One refreshing and inventive suggestion to revitalise the High Street – which not only seems to be extremely popular but is also gathering pace – is to pedestrianise Rickmansworth High Street from Church Street/Northway to Parsonage Road. 

This would create a traffic-free, people-friendly, “piazza” style zone where shoppers can move about freely, linger and wander as they please, meandering peacefully in and out of the shops, cafes and bars without fear of pollution or being the victim of traffic accidents. Buses could be redirected probably to Northway and/or Station Road and the numbers of disabled parking places could be increased again in Northway/Station Road and the surrounding streets.

If you agree that we need to take decisive action now please take a few minutes to sign the pedestrianisation e-petition on the Three Rivers District Council website . Note: This supports the paper petition many of you have already signed in Wishful.

The High Street needs to be transformed after the COVID crisis if it is to remain the vibrant heart of the community. Pedestrianisation will promote vitality and variety and bring a new lease of life to the whole area.


Let’s be bold!! Let’s do it!!

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