Supporting Ricky Covid Mutual Aid

Supporting Ricky Covid Mutual Aid

by | Jun 25, 2020

Mutual Aid

Being part of the community is a key part of how Wishful Drinking operates. In the best traditions of the “local” we at Wishful see ourselves as playing a wider role in the locality – we are not just sellers of (good!) beer and cider. A good local should support, encourage and enable a wide range of social, cultural and health benefits as well as quenching a raging thirst!!

So we are proud to offer continued support to Ricky COVID Mutual Aid (RCMA) – just because the lock down has eased the need for help has not!! Set up by a group of local volunteers RCMA provides assistance to those affected by the pandemic by:
  • Picking up/delivering medicines
  • Topping up utility payments
  • Providing a friendly human contact, posting letters, walking the dog…….and a whole host of other things
  • Providing urgent supplies such as
    • Dried/packaged goods
    • Tins and cans
    • Sauces/bottles
    • Non-perishables
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Toiletries

Even now as some of the lockdown restrictions are being lifted there are more and more local families, elderly and disadvantaged people who are in need of support after weeks of on-going hardship. So if you do feel able to donate anything – no matter home small it may be – please come in and see us.

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