Sweepstake Fever… Is It Really Coming Home?

Sweepstake Fever… Is It Really Coming Home?

by | Jul 1, 2021

Wishful Drinking Sweepstake Fever… Is It Really Coming Home?

Perhaps the only thing that could be more exciting than England’s heroic win over the usually omnipotent, mighty Germans is the update below of the Wishful Geek Sweep current standings just as we enter the Quarter Finals stage.


It’s looking like Mr Richmond is in a very strong position but the pack – led by Louise L and Steve S – are chasing hard. Karen is propping everyone else up at the moment but there is still plenty to play for… Geek points – positive and negative – will continue to mix things up through the Quarter Finals and beyond.

Now, let’s add a little spice and extra enjoyment into the Euros excitement!! We will give a free mystery can of beer to any Wishfuller who becomes a Growler Giant. A Growler Giant is any Wishfuller who buys four 4-pint Growlers before the end of the Euro 2020 competition. This will be in addition to our longstanding offer of buying eight 4-pint Growlers and receiving a free one. Just ask to be included in the Growler Giant fun when you buy your next Growler. 

Buckets of Vindaloo if England Win!!


As this only happens once or twice every Century… if it does Come Home and if England do win on 11th July, we will reward any participating Growler Giant with a Bucket* of Vindaloo from the Rasal!! Just perfect for Me and Me Mum and Me Dad and Me Gran…

* Bucket = regular takeaway portion of Vindaloo obviously!!

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