The Origins of Putty

The Origins of Putty

by | Jan 28, 2021

What? How Much? For one can?

With Putty back for 2021, we thought we take a brief look back at its origins…


Putty was originally conceived as a special beer to serve to people at the inaugural Hop City festival back in 2017. We wanted to take something that would stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys and girls in the hazy world. Our head brewer James was desperate to build the perfect NEDIPA:

“I could see the likes of Trillium, The Veil, Other Half and Treehouse causing a stir stateside and I was imagining what their beers must taste like. I wanted it to have a glowing golden colour and be centred around Galaxy hops that we had just managed to get a hold of for the first time. I wanted it to be massively dry hopped and hot side saturated, weighty but really really drinkable.Basically exciting! Mosaic seemed like a no-brainer as a companion to the Galaxy, and we also had it available! Azacca just seemed like the perfect fit to elevate the whole package.”

The recipe has remained untouched from the first brew. A malt base of Golden Promise with a higher than normal wheat malt amount alongside loads of oats and flaked wheat to round it off. There’s a really soft water profile at play and huge equal whirlpool additions of Galaxy, Mosaic and Azacca hops followed up by a massive dry hop with equal parts Mosaic/Galaxy with slightly less Azacca.

Finally, for those curious about the name… James can help there too:

“The name ‘Putty’ literally cropped up at one of those “what shall we call this beer?” meetings…and it just seemed like a perfect fit for the fluffiest, smoothest, hoppiest beer we’d ever made. It still is a unique drop in the beer world IMO… UP T HE PUTT!!!The only difference with this year’s Putty is that we’ve made much more of it! It’s the same old PUTT PUTT.”


Putty will be available in the webshop from 10:30 tomorrow (Wed 13 Jan), however it likely won’t be available for long!


Article source – Verdant

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