The Quest for The Best Analysed

The Quest for The Best Analysed

by | Oct 16, 2020

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So Wishfullers, you have heard us talk about The Quest for the Best many times and you know we are driven to seek out and to bring you the very best beers that all of the wonderful craft brewers out there create for us for us time after time.


We all have our favourites – Deya Steady Rolling Man, Cloudwater Pale, all and everything from Pollys – but just how good are these brewers? 

Well as we say so often in the bar one mans meat is another mans poison and there is not right or wrong here just personal taste and preference. However some very interesting statistics have recently emerged using Utappd ratings data as shown in the table below.

Craft brewers are by definition small and sometimes a little obscure so this analysis looks at brewers who have more than 10,000 ratings on Untappd in the last year. There are some unbelievably high ratings (4.9999 sort of thing) for some brewers but with say just 36 reviews it probable that all of the family, the head brewer (5 times), warehouse team and drivers are the only ones who have given their opinion!!

So if we look down the list below its very satisfying to note that we have had beer in the last year from all but a handful of the top 25. And in the cellar right now ready to come on tap we have Verdant, Deya, Pollys, Wylam and Odyssey with Cloudwater and Full Circle kegs coming up next (subject to stock being available!!).

And whilst this information is so very informative (who doesn’t like a league table!!) and a vindication perhaps of the beers we like to serve we are always looking for the rising stars out there such as Vibrant Forest, Bone Machine, Little Monster, and Sussex Small Batch who we are confident will all be in next years top 25.

But the quest for the best does not stop there. We will continue to seek out and hunt down beers from new and emerging brewers that are not yet on our radar or in any league tables because the best can always get better!!

Top Breweries from Untapped
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