Wishful and Untappd Join Forces

Wishful and Untappd Join Forces

by | Jul 15, 2020


You may have noticed (if your eyesight is good enough from your table in the bar) that we have a brand spanking new, fabulous and funky beer menu on the TV screen behind the bar.


How did you do that we hear you cry? Simples. We joined forces with Untappd! So, next question……. what is Untappd?


Well Untappd is probably the Worlds leading craft beer app… let me explain. Untappd allows its users to check in their location (i.e. which bar/pub they are in) as they drink beer and to share these check-ins and their locations with their friends via Facebook Twitter etc, along with photos of their beers too. Untappd also provides a platform for users to rate the beer they are drinking, to earn badges and share pictures of their beers. They can also see the tap lists from venues before they visit, see what beers their friends are drinking, comment on checked in beers.


Wishful’s draft craft, cider and ale menus have been on Untappd app for some time. So, we thought let’s keep everything simple and get all of that displayed on the TV screen in the bar.  So after some clever development work behind the scenes working with the Untappd team And our design agency www.preview-design.co.uk we made the switch. We even managed to include anyone who checks in and rates beers on their Untappd on a display at the bottom of the TV screen! So get posting and have your 15 minutes of FAME!!


Wishfullers who already on Untappd use it for a variety of clever and crafty things

  • Checking out the ratings of breweries and their beers before trying them
  • Checking out what beers are currently on tap at Wishful before they visit
  • Checking out what beers are “on deck” and coming on tap next at Wishful
  • Setting notifications to receive alerts when Wishful gets their favourite beer in or when it goes on tap
  • Building up a comprehensive record of all the beers they try at Wishful and how they rated them
  • Letting friends know what beers they are trying, how that rate them and that they are in the bar if they fancy meeting up for a brew!!


So, if you are not already using Untappd we recommend you download it now and subscribe to the Wishful page so you never miss out on your favourite brew or any of the news about Wishful’s wonderful beers!


Follow us on Untappd for upcoming events and keep up to date with what amazing beer offerings we have for you! (And then check in while you’re here!).

Receive alerts via Untappd on your mobile device when this venue adds new beers and/or events!

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